Job Requirements

Please read the following list, employees must have the following documentation in order for

Total Nurses Network to process your application:

Total Nurses Network Requirements

  • Original nurses license; LPN or RN.
  • Original Social Security Card or Birth Certificate
  • Valid Drivers License or State-Issued Identification Card
  • Original statement of satisfactory health signed by your physician

    and the examination must have been within 12 months

  • Immunization record for:

    – Rubella, Rubeola and Varicella Titers or dates of vaccination

    – 2 Step TB

    – Mumps

    – Negative ten panel urine drug screen

    – TB Screen

    – Hepatitis B completed or declined

  • Original current “C” course CPR card
  • ACLS, if you work in specialty areas, such as (but not limited to)


  • Completed skills inventories are available to print and fill out

    on this website, or we have extras in our office

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